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Nintendo Wii Emulation

The Wii is really just an improved version of the GameCube that consists of an IBM 729MHz CPU, an ATI graphics card clocked at 243 MHz, 88 MB of RAM in total, a DVD drive, wireless 802.11b/g, and 512 MB of flash based memory. Since it is so heavily based on the GameCube it wont be too long until the hardware is emulated. Even now as we speak you can run GameCube Homebrew on the Wii such as SNES or NES Emulators and with modchips already on the market you no longer need an Action replay to run GameCube homebrew.

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100% Working Wii Emulator

A number of our visitors have sent us emails to various sources stating that the creators have working Wii Emulators. We’d like to thank all of you for the time you have taken to send us these tips!


True Wii Homebrew Around the Corner

Wii Drive Doctor
There is a new product which promises to open up the Nintendo Wii to Homebrew Development. This device called the Drive Doctor, by Datel, will allow you to view and modify memory currently running on your Wii. This capability allows you to run any code you want but unfortunately the Drive Doctor does have a limitation; you need to solder in a few wires. On the other hand having access to runtime memory may lead to some advances towards softmods allowing homebrew without special hardware.


WAB team searches for elusive gap in Wii security

Over the past week few weeks we have been watching the WAB team make attempts at figuring out what makes the Wii tick. After many attempts and long nights dumping data on several chips they have found out that the bios is in fact encrypted along with most other chips. With everything being encrypted the data that was dumped is not very useful at all. This isnt too much of a surprise to us considering where past modchips came from. The thing that is catching our attention is their dedication to open up the wii to homebrew even after many failed attempts.


Wii and GC Coding Contest 2007

What better way to get the home brew wagon going then to post a coding competition! DCEmu via its Wii-News and Gamecube Emulation Sites have announced a coding competition with the first place prize being $300 at the GP2X Store. Hopefully some talented people will get in on it and write some cool little applications. The prizes might be enough of an incentive for us to get in on the action too.

When is the code due?

The Competition Entries should be submitted on or before 6th July 2007.

What can we develop?

Entries can be Emulators, Homebrew Games, Demos or Applications that work directly on the Gamecube/Nintendo Wii.



Datel releases Homebrew SDMedia Launcher

True Nintendo Wii homebrew is inching forward day by day and with this latest release from datel you are able to launch GameCube homebrew natively on the Wii. Before we had to enter countless numbers of Action Replay codes to run homebrew using the AR method. But now all you need to do is merely plug the Datel SDmedia launcher device in. This means that you now have much faster access to any homebrew applications such as Emulators. Sadly the device does not yet support Wii homebrew just yet but it is most defiantly a step in the right direction.



New Nintendo Wii Modchip, the CYCLO-WIZ

Nintendo Wii Modchip

CYCLO-WIZ, by Team Cyclops, is the only upgradeable Wii modchip out on the market at the moment. This chip allows you to play all your Nintendo Wii and GameCube backups and GameCube Homebrew software. It does not however run Wii Homebrew. This is still a great chip though because now you wont need to use a GameCube Action Replay and SDload to run GameCube Homebrew on a Wii. (more…)

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